نظام التناضح العكسي لمياه الشرب 1,500 جالون في اليوم | فرجينيا

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This project included the fabrication of a tap water reverse osmosis system going to the Virginia, USA. This is a complete skid mounted system with a capacity of 1,500 GPD.

Custom-Made Features:

- Multimedia and Activated Carbon Filters

- Antiscalant Chemical Dosing System

- Pure Aqua Pressure Gauges and Flow Meters

- UV Sterilizer


Water Challenges: In many parts of the United States, such as Virginia, there is a growing problem with a lack of freshwater supplies. One of the alternatives being implemented by businesses in this state is the importation of high-quality water treatment equipment, such as reverse osmosis, to provide a more efficient method to freshwater production.


Applied Solution: Pure Aqua manufactures skid-mounted reverse osmosis systems for filtration of salty or mineral-rich water. High-pressure pumps force contaminated water through semi-permeable membranes with small pores in RO systems. These pores let feedwater pass through while keeping pollutants out of the water.



Production of unrivaled purity fresh, clean water that may be consumed by the general public.


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